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What Penalties and Punishments Can I Receive If I'm Convicted of a Drug Charge?

Posted by Brett Willis | Jan 18, 2024 | 0 Comments

Georgia's drug laws are complex and come with varying degrees of penalties. Drug offenses in the state can range from simple possession to trafficking. Understanding these penalties is crucial if facing such a charge, and a defense attorney's guidance can be invaluable. This post will delve into the diverse consequences for drug offenses in Georgia, emphasizing the significance of each charge.

Smallest Possession Felony

Georgia categorizes the smallest possession felony for drugs based on the quantity. If you're convicted of possessing a minimal amount of a controlled substance

  • Minimum sentence: One year on probation.
  • Maximum sentence: Three years, which could mean three years in prison or probation.

Though three years might seem daunting, when juxtaposed with other penalties, its gravity becomes apparent.

Beyond Minimal Possession

If someone is caught with more than two grams of a controlled substance, the penalties become more stringent. An individual could potentially face:

  • Maximum of eight years: This is specifically if charged with just possession. However, possession charges can quickly escalate based on the amount and intent behind possessing the drugs.

Possession with Intent to Distribute

Being charged with possession with intent to distribute has weighty consequences. If one is found guilty:

  • For a first offense: The maximum sentence can reach up to 30 years in prison.
  • For subsequent offenses: The stakes are even higher. A second conviction could lead to a sentence ranging from 40 years to life imprisonment.


Trafficking offenses are among the most serious drug charges in Georgia. These charges are primarily based on the amount or weight of drugs involved. There are three main categories:

  1. Trafficking with a 10-year minimum sentence: This is the lowest tier, but it still mandates at least a decade in prison.
  2. Trafficking with a 15-year minimum sentence: A mid-tier offense, this comes with even heftier penalties.
  3. Trafficking with a 25-year minimum sentence: This is the gravest of the trafficking charges, attributed based on a larger amount of drugs.


The landscape of drug penalties in Georgia stretches from as lenient as one year on probation for the smallest possession felony to as severe as life imprisonment for repeated offenses or severe trafficking charges. The punishments underscore the importance of understanding the charges against an individual and the necessity of legal guidance.

Remember, the key to navigating any legal situation lies in knowledge and preparedness. If you have further queries or need direct assistance, contact Brett Willis Law today for more information.

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