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Specific Instructions on how to get an Ignition Interlock Permit in Georgia

If you're reading this page, then you've likely been charged with a DUI and you've had your license suspended by a police officer. That means you're having to decide whether to: (1) do an ALS appeal; or (2) get an ignition interlock (officially called an "ignition interlock device limited permit" or IIDLP).

If you decide to go the IIDLP route, here is what you need to know.

  1. You can only get one when you've been arrested for a DUI and form 1205 has been issued (when the officer takes your license he/she is supposed to fill this form out, submit it to DDS, and give you a copy)
  2. You must first get the interlock device installed on your case. Then, and only then, will DDS issue you the IIDLP. 
    1. This means you have to first go get the device put on, then go to DDS with proof that the device is installed. You cannot go to DDS first. This is important because you only have 30 days from your arrest to get the permit from DDS. You don't want to be cutting it close on time. We have had clients who got the device installed within the 30 days, but didn't get to DDS for the IIDLP in time. We were able to get DDS to issue them the permit, but it was not easy. 
  3. You cannot get an IIDLP if:
    1. You had a DUI conviction within the past 5 years
    2. You are under the age of 21
    3. You have an out of state license (any license from a state other than Georgia)
    4. Your license was already suspended or revoked prior to this current DUI arrest
  4. If you have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), you can get an ignition interlock, but if you do your CDL will be downgraded for the entire period of your suspension
  5. If you refused the officer's request for you to take the blood/breath/urine test and you decide to get an IIDLP, you will have to keep the IIDLP for 12 months. And, even if you later "win" your DUI, you still have to keep the IIDLP for the full 12 months.
  6. If you did not refuse the officer's request to take the blood/breath/urine test (and your results were over the limit), and you decide to get an IIDLP, your IIDLP permit will last for 4 months. 
  7. The IIDLP provides the right to drive but only in the state of Georgia.

Where do I get the ignition interlock device installed on my car?

If you've decided you're eligible, and you want the ignition interlock, here is a link to of all of the Georgia DDS approved ignition interlock providers. 

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