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What Happens in the First 24 Hours After a DUI Arrest?

Posted by Brett Willis | Nov 09, 2023 | 0 Comments

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense, with profound consequences. For those who find themselves on the unfortunate end of an arrest, the subsequent hours can be filled with anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty. This guide will walk you through the intricate process that unfolds in the first 24 hours after a DUI arrest.

Immediate Consequences: From the Scene to the Jail

Journey to the County Jail

Obviously, the first thing that transpires post-arrest is the transportation to jail. Based on the jurisdiction, the arrested individual is taken to the relevant county jail, a place where the primary booking procedures will take place.

Booking, Fingerprinting, and Property Management

Upon arrival, the personnel will embark on a systematic process:

  1. Booking: Recording personal details, reasons for arrest, and other relevant information.
  2. Fingerprinting: An essential part of the record-keeping process.
  3. Property Inventory: All personal belongings will be taken, documented, and stored for the duration of the jail stay.

DUI Tests and Blood Samples

If during the arrest, the individual consented to a blood test, this sample might be secured right at the jail. This procedure serves as evidence for the level of intoxication and can play a significant role in subsequent legal procedures.

The Mandatory Hold and Bond Process

6-8 Hour Holding Period in Georgia and Similar Jurisdictions

Post the initial processes, there's a mandatory holding period, particularly observed in states like Georgia. This 6-8 hour duration isn't a random detainment. The idea behind this stipulated time frame is to ensure that individuals, who might still be under the influence, aren't released into the public. Safety is paramount, both for the individual and the general populace.

Securing a Bond

Post the mandatory holding period, the next logical step in the sequence is the bond process. Here's where the individual has the opportunity to secure their release from jail, pending a court appearance. On average, once you've been bonded out of jail, approximately 10 hours might have elapsed since the time of the arrest.

Post-Release: Recovery and Seeking Legal Counsel

Recuperation After the Arrest

The aftermath of a DUI arrest is both mentally and physically taxing. Once released, it's crucial to prioritize self-care. Take a moment to rest, hydrate, and process the events. Given the gravity of a DUI arrest, it's natural to experience a gamut of emotions.

Reaching Out to a DUI Lawyer

After a brief recovery period, it becomes imperative to think of the future. This is where legal counsel enters the picture. Engaging with a DUI lawyer is a significant step towards understanding the legal ramifications of the arrest. A seasoned attorney can provide insights into the next steps, potential defense strategies, and what one might expect in the ensuing days.


What happens in the first 24 hours after a DUI arrest can be overwhelming. The myriad of processes, from the arrest to booking and from holding to bond release, can be daunting. However, with a clear understanding of these procedures, one can navigate this challenging time with a bit more ease.

Remember, after the initial 24 hours, it's crucial to seek legal counsel and chart a course for the future. Knowledge is power, especially in situations laden with uncertainty.

If you or a loved one need more information or assistance with a DUI arrest, please contact Brett Willis Law today for specialized guidance and support.

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