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How Do I Reinstate My License After a DUI?

Posted by Brett Willis | Mar 25, 2024 | 0 Comments

A DUI conviction can significantly impact your daily life, especially when it comes to your driving privileges. Losing your license complicates everything from getting to work to running simple errands. Fortunately, the process for reinstating your license after a DUI is straightforward if you know what steps to take. This guide outlines the necessary actions you must undertake to regain your driving rights and move forward.

The Initial Steps Towards Reinstatement

Understanding the Reinstatement Process

Once convicted of a DUI, your license is suspended. To navigate the reinstatement process efficiently, it's crucial to understand what's expected of you. The primary goal is to prove to the Department of Driver Services (DDS) that you've taken the steps required to ensure your safe return to the road. This involves a combination of education, a waiting period, and financial obligations.

DUI School: The First Milestone

Attending DUI school, also known as the risk reduction school, is the foundational step in regaining your driving privileges. This program is designed to educate individuals about the risks and consequences of impaired driving. Completion of this course is mandatory for anyone seeking to reinstate their license after a DUI conviction. Upon finishing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which is a critical document for the reinstatement process.

The Importance of the Risk Reduction Certificate

The risk reduction certificate serves as proof that you have successfully completed DUI school. It's a testament to your commitment to safe driving and understanding the gravity of DUI charges. This certificate is a non-negotiable part of the reinstatement process, emphasizing the importance of taking the course seriously and completing it diligently.

The Waiting Period

The 120-Day Rule

After your conviction, a mandatory waiting period of 120 days must pass before you can apply for reinstatement. This period starts from the day you were sentenced by the judge. (Note that you can get a work permit immediately upon being sentenced by the judge -- see our DUI Page for more information). 

Finalizing Your Reinstatement

Bringing It All Together at the DDS

With the DUI school completed and the 120-day waiting period behind you, the final step involves a visit to the Department of Driver Services. Here, you will submit your risk reduction certificate and a $210 reinstatement fee. 

The Reinstatement Fee

The fee for reinstating your license after a DUI is $210. This amount is standard for a first-time conviction within the last five years and is payable directly to the DDS. 


Reinstating your license after a DUI conviction requires completing a DUI school, enduring a waiting period, and paying a $210 reinstatement fee.

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