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When facing a DUI charge, it is crucial to reach out to a White County, Georgia DUI attorney as soon as possible. DUI convictions carry significant consequences that can profoundly impact your life. The most effective strategy for avoiding these is to enlist the support of skilled legal advocates who will fiercely defend your rights. At Brett Willis Law, we are dedicated to providing assistance in this area. With our specialization in DUI law and a track record of assisting numerous clients since 2005, we are well-equipped to guide you through this challenging situation. Take the first step towards a favorable outcome — contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

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What Is a DUI in White County?

When an officer pulls you over, it means you have displayed driver behaviors that are less safe than usual. If the officer suspects that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they will proceed to arrest you for a DUI. There are two different types of DUI charges in Georgia: per se DUI and less safe DUI. You'll be charged with a per se DUI when the test results indicate that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is at or surpasses the legal limit of 0.08%. On the other hand, a less safe DUI means that there are no definitive test results proving that your BAC was at or above the limit. This scenario may occur if you refuse to take the test.

Next Steps After a DUI Charge 

If you find yourself facing a DUI charge in White County, the first step you should take is to promptly contact a White County, Georgia DUI attorney. Make sure to have your citation readily available, as you will need to share that information with your lawyer. It may even be helpful to take a photo of the citation and share it with them. By doing so, your lawyer can review it and provide you with essential details such as your court date and what you should prepare for during that time. Additionally, it's crucial to determine whether your license has been suspended or if it was taken from you. If your license has been affected, you might have been given a temporary work permit. It's important to note that you only have a 30-day window to take action in such circumstances. Contact Brett Willis Law today for assistance. 

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What If You Don't Have a White County, Georgia DUI Attorney?

Without a White County DUI lawyer, you run the risk of hiring someone who lacks familiarity with the local parties, players, court system, personalities, and the customary practices. Opting for an attorney from outside the county may result in difficulties navigating the intricacies of the legal process. It's important to have someone on your side who is well-versed in the local dynamics and can effectively handle your case.

How to Tell if You've Found the Right White County DUI Lawyer 

The most effective White County DUI lawyers are those who specialize in DUI cases and possess a deep understanding of the local jurisdiction. They are familiar with the key parties involved, their roles, and the specific areas of expertise. These lawyers have dedicated their time to studying DUI law and have amassed considerable experience in the field. It is their extensive knowledge and lengthy practice that make them the top choice for White County DUI cases. If you need an experienced White County, Georgia DUI attorney to handle your case, contact Brett Willis Law today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Will a DUI Conviction Affect My Job Prospects in White County?

A DUI conviction may affect your job prospects in White County, but it doesn't necessarily have to. 

One example where it may affect you is if you need a commercial driver's license (CDL) to perform the job's duties. Your CDL will be suspended for a year upon a DUI conviction. Since you can't perform your work, the company will see no reason to hire you for that position. Even if a job doesn't require a CDL, a company still may choose not to hire you if it involves a lot of driving, such as driving to clients for on-site work. The company may view you as a liability and choose other prospects as a result. 

Am I Required to Disclose a DUI for College Admissions?

Not technically, no. It won't count as perjury if you leave out a DUI on college applications. However, it's never recommended to lie to a college about your criminal record. The information you put on there is easy enough to confirm with a background check, and they could deny you admission or even expel you for violating academic integrity policies if you were already admitted on false pretenses. 

You'll face much worse consequences for lying than you would telling the truth. Even if you don't get admitted into the school of your choice, there are plenty of colleges that don't care about DUI charges, especially if it's an online school. 

How Do Plea Bargains Work for DUIs?

Plea bargains are a deal made between the prosecution and defense where you agree to plead guilty to a different, related crime. Most DUIs are reduced to other misdemanor driving charges such as reckless driving. The penalties for plea bargains are typically less severe than if you pleaded guilty to a DUI. However, they do still result in a criminal record, so it's important to discuss your options with a lawyer before accepting a plea bargain.  

Can I Still Get a DUI Charge if I'm Under the BAC Limit?

The BAC limit, or blood alcohol content limit, is 0.08% in Georgia. Getting test results that show you're at or above this limit will automatically result in a DUI in combination with less safe DUI behaviors. 

The BAC limit isn't everything, however, and you can still get arrested for a DUI in two situations. One is if the officer has test results showing you were below the BAC limit but they still observe you have impaired driving consistent with being under the influence of alcohol. Another possibility is if test results show you have drugs in your system. There is no BAC limit equivalent for drugs, so any amount of drugs found could still lead you to getting a DUI charge. 

Can I Apply for a Limited Driving Permit if My License Is Suspended?

Yes you can. It's important to call a lawyer within 30 days of your arrest, since they can send an appeal letter to stop the automatic suspension of your license. If you don't do this, your license will be suspended for 12 months without the opportunity for getting a limited permit. 

Can I Request a Jury Trial for My DUI Case in White County?

Yes, you always have the right to a trial by jury, no matter the case. This is ultimately a strategic decision. If you have a case where there are no test results against you, getting a jury trial generally works in your favor since they're not likely to be convinced by the subjective evidence. 

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