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What Charges Can I Face After a Domestic Violence Incident?

Posted by Brett Willis | Jun 18, 2024 | 0 Comments

In the wake of a domestic violence incident, the legal ramifications can be profound and far-reaching. This article aims to demystify the potential charges one might face in the state of Georgia, highlighting the serious nature of Family Violence Act (FVA) offenses and their impact on one's future, particularly concerning firearm possession rights. Through a closer look at what constitutes family violence, the types of charges possible, and the federal implications of a conviction, we underscore the critical importance of legal awareness and defense in these situations.

What Constitutes Family Violence?

Understanding the Family Violence Act (FVA)

At the core of understanding the legal consequences of a domestic incident is grasping what is categorized as family violence. FVA offenses are not merely about physical altercations; they encompass a range of actions between individuals with a familial relationship. This includes past or present spouses, individuals sharing a household, or family members by blood or marriage. The designation of an act as family violence hinges on this relationship context, setting the stage for specific legal repercussions under the Family Violence Act.

The Spectrum of Charges

A domestic violence incident can lead to a variety of charges, from misdemeanors to felonies, under the Family Violence Act. These range from simple battery FVA and simple assault FVA to more severe charges such as aggravated assault FVA and aggravated battery FVA. Each charge carries its own set of potential penalties and legal challenges, emphasizing the importance of understanding the specific nature of the accusation.

Potential Legal Consequences After a Domestic Violence Incident

Navigating FVA Charges

Facing charges under the Family Violence Act is a serious matter, with implications that extend beyond the immediate legal penalties. Even allegations of misdemeanor offenses under FVA can lead to significant consequences if they result in conviction. This underscores the importance of competent legal representation and an informed defense strategy to navigate the complexities of such cases.

The Severe Impact on Firearm Rights

One of the most consequential aspects of a conviction under the Family Violence Act, even for misdemeanor offenses, is the permanent loss of the right to possess firearms under federal law. Section 921 of the federal code stipulates this prohibition, highlighting the profound implications of FVA convictions. This permanent forfeiture of firearm rights, often overlooked or unknown to many, underscores the critical importance of avoiding a family violence conviction.

The Critical Importance of Legal Representation 

Given the complexities of family violence charges and the severe implications of a conviction, securing experienced legal representation is paramount. An adept attorney can navigate the nuances of the Family Violence Act, advocate on your behalf, and work towards minimizing the potential legal and personal ramifications of such charges. Understanding the stakes, including the loss of fundamental rights such as firearm possession, reinforces the necessity of informed legal strategy and defense in the face of FVA charges.


The aftermath of a domestic violence incident is fraught with legal complexities and potential life-altering consequences. Understanding what charges you can face, the significance of the Family Violence Act, and the critical impact of a conviction on rights such as firearm possession is essential. Armed with this knowledge, individuals can better navigate the legal landscape, underscoring the importance of experienced legal counsel in defending against FVA charges and protecting one's future. If you find yourself facing such challenges, do not hesitate to reach out for support. Contact Brett Willis Law today for guidance and assistance in navigating these difficult waters.

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