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When facing a DUI charge, it is essential to have a reliable Jackson County, Georgia DUI attorney on your side. At Brett Willis Law, we recognize the multitude of concerns that may be weighing on your mind, including the fear of not being able to drive. 

At Brett Willis Law, we are here to alleviate your worries. With Brett Willis's extensive experience handling cases since 2005 and his recognition as one of Georgia's top attorneys, you can trust that your case is in the hands of an expert. Reach out to us today to arrange a free consultation.

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What Is a DUI in Jackson County?

A DUI stands for “driving under the influence.” Most people think of drunk driving when they think of a DUI. However, DUIs involve more than just alcohol. Drugs and toxic vapors like aerosol spray can also lead to a DUI charge. The key is that you're under the influence of a substance that makes driving less safe, putting the safety of you and other drivers at risk. 

There are two types of DUIs in Georgia: a per se and a less safe DUI. A per se DUI is where they have test results showing drugs in your system or that you were at or above the legal BAC limit of 0.08%. Meanwhile, a less safe DUI means they don't have test results against you, but the officer still observed that your driving was less safe and consistent with those under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

What Should You Do After Facing a DUI Charge?

If you find yourself charged with a DUI in Jackson County, it's important to take a moment to acknowledge and process the experience you've been through. Being arrested can be challenging to process, especially if it's your first encounter with such a situation. Give yourself a break and honor the fact that you've gone through something most people have never experienced.

Once you've allowed yourself that time, the next crucial step is promptly reaching out to a Jackson County DUI lawyer who can guide you through the legal process. They'll likely ask for your citation and ask you questions like whether your license was confiscated and if you received a temporary permit from the officer. Then you can simply show up for your court date and rest assured that your case is in capable hands. If you need a lawyer you can trust to handle your case, contact Brett Willis Law today. 

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Why You Need a Local Jackson County, Georgia DUI Attorney

Not hiring a local Jackson County DUI lawyer could lead to having someone unfamiliar with the court system and key individuals. This lack of familiarity could impact various aspects of your case and lead to more stress on your part. It's generally advisable to seek someone who is well-versed in the area, court system, and personalities involved. Having an attorney with this level of knowledge can significantly benefit your case.

Characteristics to Look for in a Jackson County, Georgia DUI Attorney 

The most effective Jackson County DUI lawyers are those who have dedicated their practice exclusively, or at least primarily, to DUI defense for a considerable period. It is crucial to avoid someone who merely dabbles in DUI cases, as DUI law is intricate and demands significant time, attention, effort, and resources to become well-versed in effective DUI defense strategies. If you need an attorney who specializes in DUI law, contact Brett Willis Law today.

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Consequences of a DUI Conviction 

If you find yourself facing a DUI charge in Jackson County, it is crucial to contact a Jackson County DUI lawyer right. Time is of the essence, as you have a limited window of 30 days to take action if the officer confiscated your license and issued a temporary permit. Failing to act within this period will result in a 12-month license suspension without the option of a work permit. Act now by reaching out to a qualified Jackson County DUI lawyer like Brett Willis. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Will a DUI Conviction in Jackson County Affect My Auto Insurance Rates?

Yes, a DUI conviction in Jackson County will affect your auto insurance rates. Some drivers have reported rate increases of 70% or more. If you're paying $2,000 a year for auto insurance with a clean record, then a rate increase of 70% would put your new rate at $3,400. This is one of the most expensive aspects of a DUI conviction beyond all the fines and fees you have to pay because it's a recurring cost. In a few years, you will have paid thousands more than drivers with a clean record. 

Can I Expunge or Seal My DUI Record in Georgia?

No, DUI records are permanent. There is no option to remove a DUI once you are convicted of one. 

What Are the Differences Between a DUI and a DWI in Jackson County?

Unlike some other states, Georgia doesn't make any distinctions between DUIs and DWIs. All crimes of driving under the influence are simply referred to as DUIs. 

Can I Be Charged With a DUI if I'm Under the Influence of Prescription Medications in Jackson County?

Yes, you can be charged with a DUI even if you are under the influence of prescription medications. Having a prescription for a drug isn't a valid defense in Georgia, especially if the drug has clear warnings that you shouldn't drive while on it. If you're on prescription medications and aren't sure whether you should drive with them in your system, consult with your doctor. 

Are There Different Penalties for Additional DUI Convictions?

The penalties for additional DUI convictions are generally the same: community service, DUI school, jail time, probation, and so on. What changes are the mandatory minimum amounts for each punishment. For example, the mandatory minimum sentence for a first-time DUI offender is 24 hours, while for a second-time DUI offender, it's 72 hours, and these amounts go up for every subsequent DUI. 

Is a DUI Charge a Felony or a Misdemeanor?

DUI charges are generally misdemeanors, but they are upgraded to felonies if it's your fourth DUI conviction in five years, or the case involves vehicular homicide. 

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