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Gwinnett County DUI FAQs

In Gwinnett County Georgia, there are many, many arrests made daily for DUI. What's different about this cases is this: those arrested are often people like you and me (law-abiding citizens who have absolutely no intention of breaking the law).

We routinely represent individuals charged with DUI in Gwinnett County.

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In the meantime, here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get from our clients about their Gwinnett County DUI charge.

What happens after a drunk driving arrest in Gwinnett?

If you are arrested for drunk driving, what happens next depends on the facts and circumstances. Your DUI case may go to one of the many Gwinnett County municipal courts first (see list of Gwinnett Municipal Courts list). 

Most Gwinnett DUI cases go to the Gwinnett Recorder's Court first, although some DUI cases go directly to the Gwinnett State Court. Call us to help you determine where your case is going first. 

Can I have a jury trial in the Gwinnett Recorder's Court?

No. The only "trial" you can have in the Gwinnett Recorder's Court is a trial by judge (called a "bench trial"). 

The Gwinnett Recorder's Court (and all of Gwinnett's many municipal courts) are not courts that have jury trials as an option.

What happens in practice is this: you go to one of these courts first. If you are unable to get a favorable resolution, you can demand a jury trial and your case will be sent to the Gwinnett State Court. 

Can I beat a drunk driving charge in Gwinnett County, Georgia?

Absolutely yes. We have an incredible record of doing just that. Check out our Client Stories page to see our past results. 

It is definitely possible to beat a drunk driving charge, although it is not typically an easy process. It will require a thorough understanding of the law and a thorough understanding of the technical nature of field sobriety tests, breath tests, blood tests, and urine tests. Understanding the latter tests is critical to identifying errors (technical or human-made errors) to highlight the unreliability of the results.

Aside from errors or unreliable test results, you may have had your constitutional rights violated. This happens more often than you might imagine. A violation can lead to the inadmissibility of some or all evidence. Without sufficient evidence, the case will be dismissed, or a jury may return with an acquittal.

You will need a drunk driving defense attorney to help you beat an intoxicated driving charge. These cases can be highly technical, as much as legally complex. We talk to people every day who in your exact situation, and we're standing by to hear from you, give us a call

We know the law and the technical, scientific make-up of field sobriety tests, blood tests, breath tests, and urine tests. We also know how to identify and proactively address any constitutional rights violations to benefit your case.

This is about winning, saving your license, and saving your ability to work and provide for your family. Contact us now . We're standing by to hear from you about the facts of your case. Call us at (770) 249-4405 to schedule a free consultation and get honest advice on your best legal options. Or, send us a quick, confidential message here

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