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Child Molestation – Child Cruelty

Selena was all alone when I met her in the jail. Her mother had died and Selena had gotten pregnant. The father ran off, leaving Selena and her child to fend for themselves. Selena met a woman who seemed to care for Selena and claimed she wanted to help. But within a few months, Selena was charged with molesting this woman's son – and the woman then tried to keep Selena's child. The woman purported to have paperwork where Selena had signed custody of her child over to this woman. The young man accusing Selena cried on the stand as he recounted his version of Selena committing acts of molestation on him. We were able to show that the woman had forged the paperwork and Selena was found Not Guilty by the jury in just over three hours. 

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