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Hall County Attempted Murder (Arsenic Poisoning)

When SK came to us, she was broken. Her new husband had gone to the hospital with strange symptoms and the hospital had done a heavy metals screen. To the surprise of everyone in the room, the doctor told SK and her husband that he had been poisoned with arsenic. Suspicion soon fell on SK because police reasoned she would gain financially if her husband died. For over two years SK suffered as we investigated her case, but we never wavered in our belief in her innocence. TruTv filed notice they would covering the trial nationally. Then, we broke in the case. Through our investigation, we discovered a lab test (sent to a California lab unbeknownst to everyone) which showed SK's husband had conclusively NOT been poisoned with arsenic. We secured an arsenic expert from Harvard University concluding the same (based on the unknown test result) and all of SK's charges were dropped.

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