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Aggravated Assault

Benny had a running dispute with renters who had been living at a trailer near Benny's house. Benny kept noticing property coming up stolen on his land and he confronted the renters. The last straw was when Benny's DirecTV satellite dish disappeared from his garage – and he noticed the renters now had a DirecTV dish on their front porch. Benny went to the house with a gun, requesting the property be returned to him. When they refused, Benny fired several shots into the satellite dish. The renters called police and claimed to have been assaulted by Benny's use of the firearm. Benny was also charged with Criminal Damage 1st Degree (an offense for when one “interferes” with property of another in a manner that threatens or endangers others). We tried the case to a jury. The jury agreed with us that Benny had assaulted no one, and he likewise had not interfered with “property of another” because the satellite dish was Benny's. The jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty in under 2 hours.

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